NEW CD! The Acoustic Sessions Vol 1 PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE NOW!!

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THE NEW ALBUM IS HERE! Now accepting pre-orders. Be the first on your block to have it! CD will ship TODAY! Get your copy before the official release date of Sept 1st!

“The Acoustic Sessions Vol 1 is an album that celebrates the happy marriage of memorable melodies and well-crafted lyrics, wrangled by tasty vocals that rope in the listener on the very first note. These semi stripped-down productions, in the easy spirit of a Nashville songwriters night, present Maier at his story-telling best. Folk, bluegrass, country, and soft rock tracks, with their catchy grooves and hooks, will ride around in your head long after you stop listening….” J. Book.

Please consider purchasing one of our premium packages to help support indie music:

The Executive Producer Package- 

Be a part of supporting independent music.
You get 12 copies of the new cd to share with friends, a custom-made cd of previously unreleased material, and our undying gratitude.
Custom cd will include live tracks, and sneak peaks & rough mixes from upcoming projects including Acoustic Sessions Vol 2!

$99.00Add to cart

The Lyric Lover –
3 copies of the new cd and a handwritten, signed lyric sheet to the song of your choice.
Lyrics can be from any song from the new cd or any previous cd’s!

$49.00Add to cart

The 3 for 30 Deal – 
Our most popular package.
3 copies of the new cd for only 30 dollars!
A cd for you, and a couple of extras to turn on a couple of friends to the music!

$30.00Add to cart

Acoustic Sessions Vol 1 CD – 
13 songs for only

$12.99Add to cart

(All orders include free shipping anywhere in the Continental U.S.)

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